The keyword: Tea chronic gastritis

        Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection has become a public health problem of global concern, but inconclusive.

        Borne by the health supervision of Hangzhou, the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine in collaboration with the study of the stomach in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection and risk factors “: Eat more legumes, more tea, eat spicy food and can be Free was HP’s infection. Helicobacter pylori bacteria, one of the highest infection rate in the world, and is a direct cause of chronic active gastritis. Further explore and reveal the HP risk factors for infection in patients with stomach, a hospital research group of the the Hangzhou Health Authority and Zhejiang Medical, survey analysis of the main factors, Zhejiang, HP infection in patients with stomach. The survey found that 50.21% of patients with stomach HP infection, revealed by epidemiological study of 484 patients with stomach life and health status:

        Per capita per day heavy manual labor time male patient group was significantly more than the control group;

        Compatriots, parents and their siblings, children and grandchildren Girls High number of people with a history of liver disease was significantly more than the control group; * like spicy food with HP infection was significantly related

        The number of years of smoking and smoking will significantly increase the risk of infection by the HP.

        Legumes like to eat, drink well water, usually dinner timing obviously was negatively correlated with HP infection;

        Regular tea drinking significantly reduce HP infection, the longer the number of years of tea drinking and tea more, the EP the less positive;

        Educational level was negatively correlated with the HP infection.

        The female patient group drink beverages containing caffeine will increase the risk of HP infection surname;

        Gastroscopy times will reduce HP infection.

        The researchers integrated gender considerations, like to eat eggs and spicy food for HP infection risk factors, while doing endoscopy times, like to eat beans and tea service life is long compared to the protective factors.