Keywords: gastric juice laboratory tests

    Gastric analysis mainly includes three aspects, the general traits examination, chemical examination and microscopic examination, chemical examination, especially acidity check is more important. Morning fasting when you insert the tube, pull out all the fasting gastric juice, and then injected through the tube test meal, gastric juice, 10 ml of extract every 15 minutes thereafter injected compiled a good serial test tube by pumping fasting gastric juice to specimen collection is completed, a total of 2 hours.
        General traits checks:

    ① Amount: normal fasting gastric juice of about 10 ~~ 100ml. Excessive secretion of gastric juice, found in duodenal ulcer, the gastrinoma or emptying difficulties (such as pyloric obstruction); too little gastric secretion, hyperthyroidism seen in gastric motility.

    ② color: normal gastric juice colorless, which contain a considerable amount of saliva and mucus, was slightly cloudy gray; bile reflux, yellow or grass green; such as brown, it means that the storage time of blood in the stomach longer seen in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer merger dish.

    ③ smell: mild acidity of normal gastric juice, no special smell. The gastric juices retention smell of corruption, a bad smell in advanced gastric cancer.

    ④ food residue: normal fasting gastric juice should be free of food debris, food residue visible Gesu pyloric obstruction.
        Chemical examination:

    ① the free acid and total acidity check: the free acid, i.e. hydrochloric, combined hydrochloric acid combined with proteins loose total acid including free acid, the combination of acid and organic acids from the food or bacterial metabolism, such as lactic acid, acetic acid and an acid of formula phosphate. Normal fasting gastric free acid content of about 10 ~ 30u, total acidity of about 10 ~ 50u; injection test 1 hour after meals, free acid of gastric juice can be increased to 25 to 50u, total acidity of gastric juice for 50 ~ 100u; such as the injection of histamine approximately After 20 minutes, the free acid of up to a peak, the total acidity of up to 150U. Gastric acidity of duodenal ulcer patients can be significantly higher, ulcer patients can also be slightly elevated or normal; atrophic gastritis, gastric acidity of gastric cancer patients significantly reduced or lack. Patients with pernicious anemia after histamine stimulation still no free acid secretion, called the true stomach acid deficiency.

    ② lactic qualitative check: normal gastric juice may have a small amount of lactic acid, due to the strong acid suppression, the general qualitative check was negative. Produce more lactic acid when achlorhydria or food retention, retention of food by the bacterial decomposition the qualitative test positive. Gastric cancer patients in addition to achlorhydria and retention of food fermentation, cancerous tissue in the metabolic process biodegradable glucose into lactic acid, so the of lactic check often has a strong positive reaction.
        Microscopic examination:

    Due to the extensive use of endoscopy, microscopic examination of the gastric juice has rarely carried out. To assist in the diagnosis of gastric cancer, sometimes gastric lavage precipitation method can be used to find cancer cells.