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    Genital warts (cond yioma acuminata), also known as condylomata acuminate, genital warts, sharp warts, venereal warts, genitalia, perineum, anus and other parts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection (with a few occur in the armpits, breasts tumor-like hyperplasia, mouth, ears, throat and other parts) of the epidermis (like a wart-like excrescence).

    The causative agent of genital warts is the human papillomavirus (HPV), many types of this virus, the cause of human genital warts virus 6,11,16,18,31,33 types. Human papillomavirus present in the person’s skin or mucous membrane the (unnecessary virus) in the blood, damage the proliferative lesion.

    Genital warts most commonly occur in the male and female genital and perianal, to men Coronal frenulum women after joint, more common in the inner side of the labia minora, and can also be found in the vagina and cervix, genital outside parts can occur even.

    The genital warts onset damage small soft pink papules gradual development increased, increased, merging to form papillomatosis, cauliflower, comb-like, such as different forms of vegetation. Generally no obvious symptoms, if any ulceration and secondary infection may be associated with pain, vaginal and cervical damage can be manifested as increased vaginal discharge or bleeding after intercourse.

    Patients with multiple the unclean sexual history or spouse infection, a small number of infected through contact with contaminated equipment, the newborn can also be infected through the birth canal. Incubation period ranging from 1 to 8 months, with an average of three months.

    The diagnosis of genital warts generally the acetate whitish test: 3% to 5% acetic acid solution Tucha suspicious proliferator, such as white, compared with 3 to 5 minutes after the the vinegar test positive, you can be diagnosed with genital warts. The principles of the present experiment: generating a whitening phenomenon is a result of solidification of the protein, due to HPV infection the keratin normal cells produce not infected epithelial cells to produce keratin different, the former can be acetate decolorization whitened while the latter is not whitened. Acetic acid white test is highly sensitive, the diagnosis of HPV infection is subclinical infection helpful. But other causes of chronic inflammation induced epithelial thickening, there may be a false positive reaction. False positive reaction whitish area ill-defined and irregular.

    Found parts of the vegetation or small the genitals external genitalia, perianal, perineal and vaginal wart should be suspected as genital warts, if the wart is a single or multiple small papules, papillary, cauliflower-like or cockscomb-like surface coarse roots the pedicle or integrated into the film, the basic can be identified as genital warts. Atypical lesions, to be combined with the acetic acid white test. Tightly wrap the affected area with gauze or a cotton swab dipped 5% acetic acid solution was observed after 2 to 5 minutes: such as genital warts, local changes to white, this is a positive reaction; pseudocondyloma compared to negative reaction, that is not discoloration. If the local inflammation, for false-positive reactions do pathological examination, if necessary.

    Verruca vulgaris is a common skin disease caused by the papilloma virus. It is mainly through human skin caused by direct contact. Occurred in skin exposed at the site of frequent friction or skin, fingers, back of the hand, common warts First round papules ranging from the size of soybean grain of rice to the performance in the diseased parts, surface hard top was stamens or spiny. Mostly gray, dirty yellow, dirty brown color, also manifested as normal skin color. The common warts onset single wart, medical, known as the “mother wart" With the passage of time will start to appear around the mother wart similar shapes of varying sizes on the wart, medicine often these warts can be expressed body, referred to as “sub warts.

    In Chinese medicine, common warts is called “A Thousand Days sore", most people call it the “thorn wart", “wart".

    Common warts features:

    The common wart is a viral infection caused by benign epidermal biological. The disease is more common in children and young people. Good hair in the back of the hand, dorsal foot edge and periungual site. Sometimes only a mother warts, sometimes a sudden increase in self-inoculation infection. Lesions and skin on the tip size of the round to bean-sized, or polygonal meat like small nodules, many burns like filament surface, dry and rough. Touch hard, slightly tender. Scattered. The disease mostly subside on their own within two years. Accordingly, the patient should be diagnosed verruca vulgaris.