Keywords: genital warts disease

    Condyloma occurred in the sexual confusion of those, more women than men incidence. Most of the age of onset in 16 — 25 years old, about 60% of the sexual partners of patients with the same disease. In recent years, medical cervical cancer and human papillomavirus infection, attaches great importance to the medical profession. Human papilloma once invades the human body, the incubation period of two weeks – twelve months, an average of three months of the onset of female genital warts occur in the labia, clitoris, cervix, vagina.

      The roots of the wart narrow or pedunculated. Often isolated and yellow vaginal discharge, odor, pain during intercourse, cancerous 4% – 10%, rash initial small papules, and increased gradually increasing papillary. Female genital warts in patients with large labia and perianal the papillomatosis tumor proliferation, soft surface. 5% acetic acid is applied to the lesion, lesion damage at the pale, suggesting that human papillomavirus infection infected children will occur if the transmission of the virus from pregnant women to newborns, laryngeal papillomas.

      Control methods: local therapy with male patients. In order to prevent recurrence, available 0.5% short of iodine D disinfect the affected area, once daily, continuous 2 — 4 weeks, if the huge warts in the vagina of pregnant women, you should consider caesarean section to avoid neonatal inhalation infection.