Keywords: Precancerous Lesions

    Only in his early thirties Anke has been several years of chronic atrophic gastritis history, she has been regular medication and regular inspection. Last month, she gastroscopy report written on “mild dysplasia. Miss He was terrified, she heard the “atypical hyperplasia" is precancerous lesions, since that is tantamount to announcing the “death penalty", the mood is extremely tense, in tears all day …

    20% of adults suffering from chronic atrophic gastritis

    Inherent glands of chronic atrophic gastritis is gastric mucosal atrophy is characterized by lesions, often accompanied by intestinal metaplasia and inflammatory response. Clinical symptoms as abdominal discomfort or pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, belching, loose stools, etc.. This disease in adults, accounting for more than 20%.

    Chinese medicine believes that this disease is often due to improper diet, hunger and satiety impermanence, or too cold food, spicy food, excessive smoking and drinking, and damage the spleen and stomach, resulting in the loss and lower stomach, air-block, or love the quality of disorders, anger catharsis, tribulations Fan Wei, or liver-fire, Huozhuo stomach yin caused.

    Stomach is the organ and the outside world, and constant friction food three meals a day and ingestion of bacteria, physical and chemical factors to stimulate gastric mucosal inflammation, human life is a very common thing, if you check the entire stomach mucosa, 40-year-old was found after intestinal metaplasia is not uncommon.

    Cancer risk of chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, superficial gastritis, do not think it Carcinogenesis, even asymptomatic superficial gastritis can not ignore. The majority of our scholars believe that the high incidence of chronic atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia and cancerous parallel.

    Precancerous lesions are not cancer

    The so-called precancerous lesions, refers only to the high likelihood of gastric cancer, not to say that a certain cancer in the future. In addition, cancer is a long process, generally after more than 10 years, not to say as they please. Admittedly, some intestinal metaplasia and cancer have some relationship, but to specific analysis of each patient, and should not be generalized, because the degree of severity of intestinal metaplasia range size of the points, intestinal metaplasia to cancer, after all, very few.

    Generally, moderate or severe dysplasia are precancerous lesion before, some scholars advocate Jiyi considered precancerous disease, should be surgical resection, but I believe that the Chinese medicine treatment of atypical hyperplasia can put it into reverse and has achieved satisfactory results; About the atypical hyperplasia whether reversible opinions is very inconsistent According to reports, even moderate dysplasia were followed up for 3 years, 50% are reversible, mild and moderate more Budai words.

    We note that the two cases biopsy is not associated with significant inflammation of intestinal metaplasia, it said there had been “fighting" with H. pylori in the gastric mucosa, in the stationary state, the common in the elderly, such intestinal metaplasia reversal is unlikely. Regular endoscopy patients were followed up on it. Another intestinal metaplasia with inflammation and activity exist, the gastric mucosa is still in the “battle" state. Such patients must not only be an annual gastroscopy follow-up, the treatment can not be stopped.

    Daily conditioning four essentials

        1, the diet should be soft and easy to digest, avoid eating rough food, meal times and meal amount should be reasonable to avoid overeating, food should be light, eat spicy heavy flavor and grilled smoked food, avoid Feitang avoid cold drinks get rid of the bad habits of alcoholism, smoking, not eat tea, espresso, food sexual flavor with patients with physical combination of physical deficiency, avoid eating cold food to eat hot food, fruit, Yang constitution and fruit.

        2, to fully understand the impact of psychological factors on the stomach, avoid excessive Worries attention to the psychological adjustment to properly treat the disease, to avoid due to illness caused spiritual and emotional disorders.

        3, regular life, pay attention to work and rest, Heaven corresponding attention to the seasonal variation of the disease.

        4, tonic of everyone speaking very tempting. The disease can also be tonic, but pay attention to the tonic before the conditioning, not allow phlegm, plot to hinder tonic food food; Second, we should pay attention to the principle of tonic selection of goods to the “no obstacle stomach". Also, pay attention to the tonic after the consolidation, training up their strength, resolve tonic failed to completely solve the problems left over to restore the constitution.