Keywords: male gonorrhea clinical manifestations

        (A) The clinical manifestations of male patients with acute gonorrhea

    The man with acute gonorrhea dysuria and urethral the purulent secretions mainly a series of symptoms.

    1, urethra redness, itching and tingling, followed by a thin mucus out of mild swelling in severe cases, cause difficulty urinating.

    The 2,24 hours later, inflamed development to the head of the penis and urethra, urethral mucous secretions, better out of the urethra spillover.

    3, after a few days of infection, gonorrhea diplococcus invasion and the entire anterior urethral pus flow to the urethra pus overflow.

    4, due to the large number of gonorrheal infection and pus constantly stimulate the urethra form urethra valgus. Hand from the base of the penis to squeeze the urethra and squeezed pus or mucus can be discharged to the urethra.

    5, on both sides of the lymph nodes can be mild swelling and tenderness.

    6, urethral pain showed slight pain or severe pain, urine urination pain intensified, especially in the beginning when urinating more pain. Due to pain when urinating, dare urination, voiding interruptions.

    7, the penis is often due to pain erection. The penis Microbend slight pain, libido erectile. Accompanied by inguinal lymph node inflammation, groin pain, inguinal lymph node enlargement and tenderness. Can Seminal acute prostatitis, acute, acute epididymitis, acute spermatic go far complications.

    8, can be severe pain, backache, low back pain, perineal and epididymis, ejaculatory pain, even blood, sperm and other symptoms, severe cases may be associated with the body chills, fever.

    9, acute urethritis after 1-3 weeks, the symptoms gradually reduce, purulent drainage and reduce sticky yellow-white pus been turned into a small amount of thin secretions. Six weeks after urethral discharge completely disappeared, while entering the stationary phase or chronic phase. At this point often overlooked or thought to have healing patients. During quiescence often due to excessive sex, alcoholism, tiredness and other reasons, can be divided into acute attack. Alternating between the two occurred. Repeated episodes of inflammation cause scarring caused a urethral stricture.

        (B) male chronic gonorrhea clinical manifestations

    Most of the chronic gonorrhea acute gonorrhea transition from, the urethritis symptoms usually in the form of repeated attacks.

    1, mild dysuria, urethral burning or tingling, often seen mild terminal hematuria only feel urination. The urine generally transparent, but visible the gonococcus wire planktonic where.

    2 patients with low back pain, heavy feeling in the perineum, nocturnal emission, semen bloody.

    Male gonorrhea often complicated by urethral adenitis the periurethral tissue inflammation and abscesses, the foreskin pancreatitis, vas deferens inflammation, Seminal, inflammation epididymis, hydrocele testis endophthalmitis, prostatitis, glans posthitis, gonococcal ulcers.

    , Difficulty urinating, urine, thin, short range, and even urinary retention. Epididymal inflammation prevalent in treatment is not timely, often suddenly feel epididymal pain, swelling, tenderness, fever. Addition to loss of libido, erection is not firm, impotence, premature ejaculation and neurasthenia symptoms. If both sides of epididymitis, often caused by the epididymal duct and vas deferens occlusion and lead to infertility.

    5, chronic gonococcal urethritis treatment more difficult.