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    Often view parents with children wet the bed, or urinate more frequently, and pain when urinating. Some parents think this is a traditional Chinese medicine said the kidney, pediatric clinical findings, a lot of these problems with urinary tract infections, especially girls, need to consider this problem. Such as childhood diabetes, congenital malformation of the urinary system, also can not be ignored.

    Acute urinary tract infection is more common in adult women, the infant acute urinary tract infections are not uncommon. Urinary tract infections, there are two ways: First retrograde infection, the female infant anus and urethra distance closer, and the urethra is short, about 1 to 2 cm. Therefore, the urethra prone that bacteria, especially E. coli contamination, bacteria along the urethra retrograde on the bladder, ureters, kidneys and other parts, which can lead to acute urinary tract infection; blood infection, infant skin, mucous membranes imperfect barrier function, immune function, low anti-infectious, skin, oral cavity, trachea, lungs, and other parts have been bacterial infection, inflammation is not easy to be confined, will reach the kidneys into the bloodstream and bloodstream, ureter, bladder, The urethra down, causing infection.

    In everyday life, some parents for convenience, so that children wearing pants around sit, or do not change diapers for a long time after the child defecation, after just wipe the child stool without cleaning, the incidence of the common reasons are .

    Generally the older children and adults the typical clinical manifestations of urinary tract infections, mainly urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, hematuria, clinical diagnosis, but the majority of infants obvious symptoms after an acute urinary tract infections can be manifested as apathetic, sudden high fever, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, disturbed sleep, crying R65 sucking unable or refuse the breast pump, a small number of children jaundice appears.

    Infants suffering from acute urinary tract infections, bed rest, drink more water to increase urine output, scour the urinary tract. Meanwhile, the use of antimicrobial drug therapy under the guidance of a doctor. It should be noted that the clinical symptoms disappeared, normal urine examination should follow doctor medication 2 to 6 weeks, and 2 to 3 times normal urine test is considered cured. Inadequate treatment of urinary tract infections may be from acute to chronic process, further development can damage a child’s kidneys organization. In this regard, there are some parents to treat the child, always require good use drugs, intravenous fluids, to hurry up with the cure, regardless of whether the treatment completely, once the child’s symptoms disappeared, that the cure to take the doctor’s advice or treatment plan developed perfunctory attitude, which tends to bring bad consequences, because adequate treatment is an important condition to ensure the efficacy of the hope that the parents and friends understand.

    In order to prevent the infant acute urinary sense, the parents need to do to be promptly replaced, washing to disinfect baby diapers, maintain perineal hygiene; after washing the anus to the children; wipe stool should be forward behind direction; give the child the best childhood wear underwear, do not let the child wearing pants sit around; child’s skin, respiratory tract, with infectious diseases should be treated in time. Prepuce or phimosis, hypospadias and other issues, the need for surgery to reduce the risk of infection of the urethra.