Keywords: urinary tract infections in children


    Urinary tract infection (ruinary tract infection) referred urine sensation, inflammation caused by bacteria directly invade the urinary tract. Infection may involve the upper and lower urinary tract, due the positioning difficulties collectively referred to as the urine sensation. Divided into acute and chronic symptoms. The former rapid onset of symptoms typically easy to diagnose. Chronic and recurrent infections can lead to kidney damage. Children during the repeated infections, many accompanied by structural abnormalities of the urinary tract, should seriously find out the reasons, the lifting of congenital obstruction to prevent kidney damage and scarring.


    Typical cases can be diagnosed based on symptoms and laboratory tests. The symptoms of older children and adults, local voiding symptoms, it is easier diagnosis. Infancy voiding symptoms and more obvious, easily misdiagnosed, deal with unexplained fever sick child repeatedly check urine strive urine culture with antibiotic therapy, bacterial counts and drug sensitivity test. Who has been recognized as the patient, should further initial infection or recurrence of upper urinary tract or urinary tract infections, the existence of the urinary tract structural abnormalities. Urine flu positioning in children is more difficult to reference clinical symptoms, renal function and urine routine examination for identification.

    】 【Treatment

    The key to the treatment of this disease is to actively control the infection and prevent recurrence, and support in addition to incentives to correct congenital or acquired urinary tract structural abnormalities, prevent renal dysfunction.

    General treatment of acute infection should rest in bed, drink more water, urinating frequently, reduce bacteria in the bladder residence time. The girls should pay attention to the genitals clean, aggressive treatment of pinworms.
    Antimicrobial therapy should be early positive application of antibacterial drug treatment.