Keywords: check chronic gastritis

    Gastroscope direct observation of gastric mucosa in chronic superficial gastritis can be seen the gastric mucosa spotty, red sheet, strip, mucosal edema and viscous mucus; gastric mucosal color fades can be seen in chronic atrophic gastritis , gastric mucosal thinning of the blood vessels in the submucosal to reveal so on.

    The gastroscopy able the suspicious cancerous parts of chronic gastritis do the biopsy, with a view to the early detection of gastric cancer.

    Upper gastrointestinal barium meal through oral barium, barium outlines the stomach contour and gastric mucosal folds change was observed in the X-ray screen, and can not really see the gastric mucosa, and therefore less accurate than gastroscopy.

    EGG instrument applicable to the obvious stomach illness symptoms, check no pain, but only quasi-confirmed illness, and can not really see the gastric mucosa, therefore, less accurate than endoscopy and barium meal.