Keywords: venereal

        In recent years, sexually transmitted diseases, there is a growing trend, which in some cases rendered refractory, that the treatment effect is not obvious, easy to relapse, this part of the refractory cases, in addition to standard treatment, so that the development of chronic, there are a few mixed venereal infection, that is, two or more sexually transmitted diseases coexist. Which a certain kind of venereal disease manifestations typical, while another is not typical, therefore healing neglect the latter treatment, making the former control the time and showing symptoms of the latter, so that the patient’s pain and anxiety.

    According to our hospital STD clinic statistics mixed venereal infection rate is not up to 1/4-1/3 of all STD cases. Which merged to gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia infections, genital herpes, genital warts, chancroid, first living in mixed venereal infection. Men mixed venereal infection more common, mainly for adults, women were fewer cases of children’s cases is minimal.

    This shows that in the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, in addition to a venereal disease hazards positive publicity to promote people Jieshenziai, and early detection and early treatment to reduce sexually transmitted diseases, but also concerned about the mixed venereal infection, especially for male gonorrhea symptoms treatment, female genital warts treatment of patients should be considered whether the mixed infection exists, careful examination and analysis, to confirm the diagnosis, conditional pathogens check to identify, and then be in combination therapy at the same time, in order to obtain a more satisfactory efficacy. Have to once again remind patients: a sexually transmitted disease, and must be treated by a specialist, must not secretly autonomy. Also, please note the following: (1) suspect that they have sexually transmitted diseases, we must promptly to the hospital for examination and treatment, early diagnosis and treatment, which is better. ② medication must follow the doctor’s advice, self increase, reduction of dose or withdrawal will have adverse consequences. (3) to regularly review, especially syphilis, genital warts. Required follow-up period of time in order to determine. ④ spouses, sexual partners should accept the examination and treatment, especially women, consciously asymptomatic without attention, if not checked, the treatment can cause repeated infections between husband and wife.

    The regular hospital treatment conditions, the quality of medical care, and for the convenience of the patient visits, has strict secrecy system, pay attention not to divulge the patient’s privacy.