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        NEEDHAM: from the Hengbo hospital accident was informed that a surprising news: According to the hospital gynecological concerned parties in the hospital for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in female patients, about 10% are engaged cashier work, inventory banknotes do not pay attention to personal hygiene and indirectly infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

    Zhang Shufen, chief physician of the hospital gynecological Not long ago, the the looks gentle middle-aged women were diagnosed as suffering from “genital warts". Examination results are known, the Ms. gas is not one to play: Does the husband philandering disease spread to his own? She immediately rushes home to find her husband “settle accounts". Deeply wronged the husband came to the hospital the next day with his wife to check the results prove that her husband is innocent of the body, the husband is convinced that his wife does not do a disservice to their own thing, and suddenly blindsided couple. After in Dr. Zhang patience inquiry finally identify the truth: that the women engaged in cashier work, hands prolonged exposure to bank notes, sometimes too late to wash their hands to go to the bathroom. Doctors estimate that it was her own contaminated with the bacteria on banknotes infect themselves! That they do not pay attention to the health actually contracted sexually transmitted diseases, tears Ms. spot. After 3 months of treatment, the lady has been recently recovered.

    Allegedly, such cases are not uncommon in the hospital. An important way of several decades of clinical experience, Dr. Zhang Shufen told reporters that the indirect spread of STDs. Clinical cases in recent years, she found a strange phenomenon: in STI clinical patients, about 10% of the patient’s occupation cashier, but mostly infected through indirect spread. This shows that the cashier probability infected with sexually transmitted diseases in the “clean" state higher than the average. Dr. Zhang for this remind the regular contact banknotes must pay attention to personal hygiene.