Keywords: dish gastric cancer

        “Public life" reported to the prevention and treatment of cancer, medical scientists found that, before a meal to eat vegetables to a stomach virus. According to reports, the vegetables contain nitrate, it enters the stomach can produce compounds called nitric oxide, nitric oxide can kill harmful bacteria in the stomach, so eat before dinner vegetables can prevent stomach cancer play a role. In addition, all vegetables with dinner eating, and this will affect the digestion and absorption of nutrients. An empty stomach to eat vegetables and vegetable nutrients, on the other hand, will be reached in a short period of time in the blood, helping to add strength and nutrients, people filled with energy.

    Colorful vegetables are excellent role in cancer prevention. Therefore, the choice of a few refreshing, yet pleasing vegetable appetizer. Such as: carrot, radish cut into filaments put a little vinegar and sugar, or cut into pieces for direct consumption. Carrots peeled and eaten raw. Tomato mix sugar or empty stuttering. Cucumber cut into strips to be eaten raw. The few vegetables into cubes together, red and green, happy appetizers.