Keywords: chronic superficial gastritis

    Chronic superficial gastritis
    Diet: diet therapy is the treatment of chronic superficial gastritis. The diet should be moderate, regular quantitative food should be easily digestible and nutritious. Avoid spicy food and beverage;
    Eliminate the cause: remove all possible pathogenic factors, aggressive treatment of chronic diseases can cause gastric mucosal damage;
    Symptomatic treatment should avoid blind medication and irrational use of drugs should be properly selected according to the different clinical manifestations drugs;
    (A) for gastric acid higher: H2 blockers may be given, Tagamet, ranitidine and famotidine, or H + / K +-ATPase inhibitors such as Losec or omeprazole ;
    (B) for low-acid or acid normal: the administration should mainly gastric mucosal protective agents such as sucralfate, or colloidal bismuth, etc., abroad hi grams collapse Shiwei Shu new gastric mucosal protective agent applied to clinical application may be appropriately selected;
    (C) motility drugs: In order to avoid the duodenal juice, bile reflux and accelerated gastric emptying, selectable application domperidone or cisapride;
    (4) removal of Helicobacter pylori: Helicobacter pylori should actively participate in the elimination of Helicobacter pylori, commonly used antibiotics or colloidal bismuth colloidal bismuth even for 4 weeks, can often achieve a satisfactory clearance of Helicobacter pylori effects, such as Llandudno. Dosage and usage of more than one drug to be prescribed by a doctor.