Keywords: chronic gastritis risk factors

    Mental factors. Excessive mental stimulation, depression and other psychological factors repeated the role in the cerebral cortex, resulting in brain cortex dysfunction, leading to the stomach wall spasmodic contraction of the blood vessels, gastric mucosal inflammation or ulceration.

    2, the role of bacteria and their toxins. Lesions of bacteria or toxins continue to be swallowed stomach; due to the other parts of the nose, mouth, throat infection or stomach the lack of gastric acid, the bacteria breed easily in the stomach caused by the long-term effects of chronic gastritis.

    3, stomach irritation, long-term use of drugs, food and eating coarse food or smoking. These factors repeated the role in the gastric mucosa, its congestion and edema.

    4, gastric mucosal congestion long-term hypoxia. Such as congestive heart failure, or portal hypertension patients, the gastric mucosa a long period of congestion, hypoxia, caused by nutritional disorders cause gastritis.

    Acute gastritis If not treated properly, delayed healing of chronic gastritis.

    Achlorhydria, bacteria multiply in the stomach, can also result in chronic gastritis.

    7, nutritional deficiencies, endocrine dysfunction, immune dysfunction, can cause chronic gastritis.

    8, gastrointestinal Campylobacter infections are all possible risk factors of chronic gastritis.