Keywords: smoking gastropathy negative impact

    Physicians believe that smoking can aggravate the condition of gastritis, ulcer disease, is not conducive to gastritis, ulcer disease healing. The impact of smoking on the stomach following three points:

    To increase the incidence of stomach. According to the research found that non-smokers, smokers, the incidence of ulcer disease is 2 to 4 times.

    Second, to reduce the cure rate of stomach problems. Someone has compared to the same chronic gastritis or ulcer disease patients using the same drug treatment, the cure rate was 90% in the non-smoking group, the smoking group was only 63%.

    Third, prone to recurrence. Withdrawal of the two groups of patients after one year so comparing the recurrence rate was 53% of the non-smoking group, smoking group was 84%.

    The culprit is caused by smoking and aggravating stomach nicotine, can the role of the vagus nerve system, disruption of normal gastrointestinal activity, the pyloric sphincter relaxation, cholecystokinin, alkaline bile easy-to-the regurgitation human stomach, resulting in destruction of the gastric mucosa. And it also prompted an increase in gastric acid secretion, inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis, thereby reduce the gastric mucus secretion. These can damage the gastric mucosa, causing stomach problems.