Keywords: gastric gastritis

    The nearly century-old study of the relationship between gastric cancer and gastritis. Doctors have long known that most have inflammation in the stomach of gastric surgery and autopsy specimens, and gastric cancer patients often find no stomach acid. So, most doctors and pathologists that gastric cancer and gastritis.

    Recently, more and more evidence that chronic atrophic gastritis is indeed closely related with gastric cancer. Clinical observations indicate that atrophic gastritis patients with gastric cancer incidence was significantly higher than that of the control group, such as Siurala such as 22-26 years of follow-up of 377 patients, found that in 10 cases out of 116 patients with chronic atrophic gastritis patients cancerous, 93 patients with chronic patients with superficial gastritis cancerous l cases, l cases of gastric cancer and 108 cases of the original gastric mucosa normal control group.

    With the in-depth study of gastric cancer, especially for early gastric cancer histology and tissue biochemistry research has proven chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric intestinal metaplasia, can shift the behavior of cancerous tissue, which further confirmed the relationship between gastritis and gastric cancer . But gastritis is how cancer, has not totally clear, and further studies are needed to clarify.