Keywords: chronic atrophic gastritis

    Currently considered chronic atrophic gastritis early detection, timely and aggressive treatment of atrophy of the glands of the lesion can be restored, it can be transformed into a superficial gastritis or cure, people in the past changed the understanding of chronic atrophic gastritis irreversible . Chronic atrophic gastritis to gastric background disease, but according to the domestic multi-year follow-up data for analysis, the vast majority of good prognosis, few can be cancerous, the cancer rate of 1% to 3%. Simple atrophic gastritis especially light, moderate atrophic gastritis cancer is low, and severe atrophic gastritis with severe intestinal metaplasia and severe dysplasia, or with carcinoembryonic antigen-positive patients, the cancer rate should pay close attention, regular follow-up, every March to June endoscopy, conditional check cell deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content and the tumor-associated antigen; residue after surgery atrophic gastritis because of its long-term bile reflux stimulate higher rate of cancer, should take active measures to reduce the stimulation of alkaline reflux liquid to prevent the occurrence of cancer.