Keywords: dental caries pneumonia

    U.S. researchers recently found on the caries bacteria can enter the body lungs, elderly people suffering from pneumonia may be fatal.
    Despite the small size of this study, but the researchers said they found in eight patients conclusive evidence to prove that the pneumonia is caused by dental problems.
    Buffalo, New York University researchers examined 49 patients living in an old apartment, these older people often go to a nearby hospital, the hospital belong to the high risk of pneumonia. The mouth bacteria sampling before these elderly people suffering from pneumonia, the researchers found that 28 samples containing bacteria can cause respiratory diseases. They then these elderly tracking closely observe whether they acquired pneumonia. Finally, 14 elderly contracted pneumonia, which the 10 mouth bacteria samples containing the bacteria can cause respiratory diseases. Detection of lung bacterial eight elderly lung bacterial DNA and their oral bacteria DNA match.
    The researchers said the results indicate that dental caries is a hotbed of respiratory pathogens, suffering from pneumonia enable elderly people living in the area of medical. Thus, the apartments for the elderly should help patients maintain clean teeth and dentures.