Keywords: staphylococcal pneumonia symptoms and signs

        Onset of the disease is more abrupt, high fever, chills, chest pain, sputum is purulent quantity, with bloodshot eyes, or in the form of a pink milky. (Small “brother" can also be a late bloomer) staphylococcal pneumonia despite ferocious’ but some condition was not serious’ individual course of the disease is relatively slow ‘sometimes form chronic pneumonia or chronic lung abscess. Similar clinical symptoms and the clinical symptoms of pneumococcal pneumonia.

        Staphylococcal pneumonia characterized by easily lead to repeated chills’ tissue necrosis with abscess formation and lung cysts (mostly seen in infants and young children); acute illness and apparent failure. Empyema more common. Staphylococcus aureus is found primarily in the thoracotomy empyema or empyema the hemothorax use drainage after the trauma of the chest wall.