Keywords: pneumococcal pneumonia symptoms and signs

    Pneumococcal pneumonia before frequent upper respiratory infections. Usually sudden short-term chills; sustained chills that another disease. Followed by general symptoms of fever, breathing ipsilateral pain (pleurisy), cough, dyspnea, and cough sputum pain radioactive when lesions in the leaves, the suspected intra-abdominal sepsis infection, such as pancreatitis. temperature rose rapidly to 38 to 40.5 ℃; pulse is usually up to 100 to 140 beats / min; breathing speed up to 20 to 45 / other common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, general discomfort and muscle pain cough without sputum beginning, but gradually became with purulent, bloodshot or rust sputum, general these characteristics pneumonia in previously healthy people typical manifestations of pneumococcal pneumonia in many cases, especially in infants and young children and elderly patients, the disease is more insidious.

    Physical examination no the fixed positive signs, depending on lesion characteristics and patient examination stage of lung consolidation or pleural effusion can be typical signs of lung bronchial pneumonia common manifestation is moist rales.