Keywords: disinfection

        As outbreaks of atypical pneumonia patients in public places, should be disinfected in accordance with the epidemic disinfection.

        Unclear whether the health of atypical pneumonia pathogen carriers, it is unclear incubation period whether infectious, infected areas in public places, air disinfection and surface disinfection can be conditional.

        For air disinfection and surface disinfection for smaller houses, sealed, per cubic meter, with 15% peracetic acid solution 7ml (1 gram) per cubic meter of peracetic acid, placing porcelain or glassware the bottom heating evaporation of the alcohol lamp equipped with the right amount of alcohol fumigation two hours, you can open the doors and windows ventilation. Fumigation to observe the fire, but also pay attention to the strong corrosive peracetic acid. Application of 2% peracetic acid solution for the larger houses, closed after 8 milliliters per cubic meter of the amount of aerosol spray disinfectant for a child to open doors and windows ventilation.

        The floor aisle, elevators and stairs from time air disinfection, only surface disinfection.

        If only for disinfection of floors, walls, elevator surface should be in accordance with the first following the first left and the right method, followed by spray disinfectant. Spray disinfectant available 0.2% -0.5% peracetic acid solution or effective bromine for 500mg/L-1000mg/L DBDMH solution or chlorine 1000mg/L-2000mg/L chlorine disinfectant solution spray. The earth wall liquid uptake 150mg/m2-300ml/m2, cement walls, wood-paneled walls, lime wall 100ml/m2. Spray disinfectant solution on the walls should not exceed the amount of fluid absorption. Ground disinfection first from outside to inside spray, spraying amount for 200ml/m2-300ml/m2, to be indoor disinfection after, and then from the inside out repeated sprayed once. Above disinfection, the role of time should not be less than 60 minutes.

        Endemic areas during a pandemic, public places should be as ventilation. Should ensure that the blast of air conditioning system security in public places, to prevent outbreaks. The entire air supply equipment and air supply piping, available chlorine for 500-1000mg / L chlorine disinfectant solution, wipe the disinfection.