Keywords: pregnancy pneumonia

        Pneumonia often in the winter season incidence ‘of malnutrition, physical weakness, excessive fatigue, cold, cold causes. (Small “brother" late bloomer) during pregnancy, the risk of pneumonia ‘should listen to the opinions of the doctors’ according to the disease with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory treatment. Medication during pregnancy ‘Most drugs can be causing the disease through the placenta into the fetus’ to affect the fetus’ use of drugs’ on the one hand to be careful not to abuse drugs’ On the other hand, do not be afraid of the impact of drugs on the fetus’ delayed treatment’ aggravated causing undue loss’ to the body of a pregnant woman and the fetus. General joint treatment by internists and obstetricians’ are relatively safe.

        Pregnant women suffering from pneumonia generally should be hospitalized for observation treatment the patient should stay in bed the amount of water ‘room should be ventilated’ well-lit ‘diet is appropriate the light digestible or off liquid. Note should gargle, brush your teeth, maintain oral hygiene. Patients with meticulous care ‘is to promote the patient’s condition healed’ early resumption of an important part of health. Plus external pregnant women should be carefully count fetal movement during the illness’ self-monitoring ‘such as the feeling of abdominal falling the’ paroxysmal pain or vaginal water like liquid ‘and obstetricians’ should be promptly reported to get timely treatment.