Keywords: pneumonia care

        Of Medicine and the general system disease care routine.

        Condition observation

        1. The timing measured blood pressure, body temperature, pulse and breathing.

        2. Observed psychiatric symptoms, whether there is a vague consciousness, lethargy and irritability.

        3. Observe whether the shock early symptoms, such as irritability, unresponsiveness, decreased urine output.

        4. Note the color of the sputum, quantitative and qualitative changes.

        5. Close observation of a variety of drugs and side effects. ‘

        【Symptomatic care

        1. Under the condition, reasonable oxygen therapy.

        2. Ensure that the intravenous infusion unobstructed spillover home central venous pressure necessary to understand the blood volume.

        3. By your doctor to send 2 sputum culture, blood culture five (with antibiotics ago).

        4. See fever fever nursing care routine.

        5. Chest pain, cough, expectoration take symptomatic treatment.

        General care

        1. Diet care, given the high-nutrient diet, encourage more drinking water, critical condition fever can light digestible semi-liquid diet.

        2. Keep warm bed rest as much as possible.

        Health guidance

        1. Exercise, increase body resistance.

        2. To avoid the cold season exchange.

        3. Less to public places to avoid fatigue, the flu epidemic.

        4. Early prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract infection.