Keywords: coronary heart disease sublingual drugs

    Patients with coronary heart disease all know that when angina attack, you can take the the sublingual drug to relieve angina pectoris can be some patients medication, the effect is not obvious. Careful observation and research, two issues affecting the effect of sublingual drug.

    Many tablets containing in the mouth, and I do not know the drugs placed under the tongue, some even put the pill on the tongue above, does not know that the surface of the tongue tongue and keratinized layer, it is difficult to absorb the drugs, right sublingual drug the law is the bite spit tablets placed under the tongue. Dry mouth, can drink a little water, to facilitate the absorption of the drug. Angina attack to take sublingual drug rather than the tongue above containing drug.

    Patients with coronary heart disease using sublingual medication can stretch your heart coronary arteries around the body, as well as capacity expansion. Patients with the sublingual drug law, best advised to take a semi-recumbent position. Thy blood less because the semi-recumbent position, can reduce the burden on the heart, myocardial oxygen supply relative to their own needs, thus easing colic. If the patient supine, make Rhodobryum increase in myocardial oxygen consumption also increased, so that the drug weakens, will not achieve good analgesic effect. In addition, the patient should not be standing sublingual drug, otherwise they will be the blood vessels to dilate, lowering blood pressure, leading to cerebral vascular insufficiency accident.