Keywords: coronary heart disease

    Coronary heart disease is due to a large number of lipid deposition in the inner wall of the supply myocardial coronary plaque formation in thrombotic coronary artery stenosis or blockage caused by myocardial ischemia, hypoxia or necrosis disease.

    With the development of science and technology, the interventional treatment booming, show the splendor in the medical treatment of coronary heart disease. Interventional techniques is a very thin catheter into the blood vessel through a vascular puncture line into the heart coronary lesion intervention along the blood vessels of emerging technologies.

    Interventional treatment of coronary heart disease including percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, percutaneous laser coronary angioplasty, percutaneous coronary atherectomy the coronary intima spin atherectomy, thrombolytic therapy, and so on.

    PTCA is currently the most common, it is with a balloon catheter into the blood vessels after balloon into the right place, increasing the pressure inside the balloon, the balloon injection of contrast agent its expansion and oppression of atherosclerotic plaque in the artery wall. Plaque oppressed a torn blood vessels were fusiform expansion to achieve the expanding plaque and stenosis of the vessel lumen, in order to improve cardiac blood flow.

    Coronary stenting: of supported metal stents in coronary artery stenosis, the narrowing or collapse of the blood vessels to expand outwards, the purpose of revascularization.