Keywords: viral pneumonia treatment

        The simple herpes ‘herpes zoster, or chickenpox lung infection by’ the general idea with acyclovir ‘Adult 5 ~ 10mg/kg’ every 8 hours and 1 ‘or children 250mg/m2 body surface area’ once every 8 hours . (Small “brother" can also be a late bloomer) cytomegalovirus pneumonia in organ transplant recipients’ available ganciclovir 5mg/kg intravenous’ daily ‘and the use of immune globulin (intravenous immune globulin or cytomegalovirus virus immune globulin). This treatment had no significant effect on AIDS patients (discussed in the 162 influenza prevention and treatment of influenza in).

        Some patients ‘especially influenza patients’ bacterial infection you need antibiotic treatment. Common pathogens pneumococcal and Staphylococcus aureus ‘followed by Haemophilus influenzae’ Influenza A β-hemolytic streptococcus and meningitis Neisseria. Pathogenic microorganisms ‘patient age and comorbidities different’ prognosis is very different. Treatment basis pathogens.