Keywords: chronic superficial gastritis

    Chronic superficial gastritis is a common and frequently-occurring disease, and the duration of lingering, easy to repeated attacks of deep suffering for patients. In addition, some superficial gastritis lost in the treatment or do not pay attention to life photo transfer easily progress to chronic atrophic gastritis caused the gastric occur, the consequences are serious. Therefore, the prevention of chronic superficial gastritis attention.
    Prevention of chronic superficial gastritis should be living, attention to diet, actively avoid and get rid of all kinds of pathogenic factors. As follows:
    (1) acute gastritis, early definitive treatment to prevent the disease and the development of chronic superficial gastritis prolonged unhealed.
    (2) hanged or less gastric mucosal damage drugs, such as aspirin, phenylbutazone, indomethacin, reserpine, tolbutamide hormones. If these drugs must be applied, must be taken after a meal, or taking antacid gastric mucosal protective drugs, in order to prevent damage to the gastric mucosa.
    (3) treatment of active chronic infection focus of the oral cavity, nasal cavity, pharynx, swallowed bacteria or their toxins in case of local infection focus long-term, resulting in mucosal inflammation.
    (4) The diet should be light, nutritious, regular section, regular quantitative avoid hunger and satiety, overeating. Avoid tea, coffee, spices, rough blunt food intake, tobacco and alcohol, to prevent damage to the gastric mucosa.
    (5) Avoid mental stress, feelings of depression and fatigue, should be living section, work and rest, the mood is optimistic, and should at the same time enhance physical activity, enhance physical fitness, enhance gastrointestinal motility.
    (6) aggressive treatment of chronic gastritis can lead to systemic diseases, such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas, heart, kidney diseases and endocrine lesions.