Keywords: gastric cancer

    “The youth cancer occurrence in China, in addition to and bad eating habits, environmental factors, but also with genetic certain relevance." This conclusion is Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University experts, international collaborative group of hereditary gastric members of any military Professor in the Ministry of Education has recently completed a University Excellent Teacher Award Scheme Fund projects drawn.

    China is a country of high incidence of gastric cancer in patients with gastric cancer in the elderly. But in recent years, the survey results show that the upward trend in the incidence of gastric cancer in the young population. Clinical symptoms of gastric cancer is less typical young people, especially young people, on gastric lack of knowledge, the early treatment rate is not high, resulting in more of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

    Retrieval analysis, analysis and grasp the incidence of gastric cancer among young people and circumstances, any military medical records for 1983-2003, the hospital diagnosed with gastric cancer, 1,839 cases of hospitalized patients, and patient follow-up investigation. The results found in these patients, 45 years of age (17-45 years old), 247, accounting for 13.43% of the total number of patients. Among them, 132 cases of male and female 115 cases, with an average age of 41.5 years. Any army in accordance with the the genetic standard developed by the International Centre for Genetic Conference 1998 Seoul, further study of these 247 patients. The criteria include: at least three people suffering from the same disease in the family, the immediate family of a person to the other two; continuously for at least two generations of people get sick; family of patients had at least 1 person is diagnosed before the age of 45; least meet the above standard two criteria. Ren Jun, from the patients screened 189 cases with complete genetic information, which has 39 cases of familial disease background; comply with hereditary stomach cancer in 16 patients. The two add a total of 55 cases, accounting for 29.1% of the complete genetic information of the total number of.

    1454 cases differences occur with other age groups of youth cancer genetic disease, Ren Jun youth cancer group with gastric cancer in the elderly group control, found that gastric cancer in the elderly group with complete genetic information patients, in line with the genetic background or hereditary gastric cancer and 90 cases, accounting for 0.61% of the total number of the group, the two groups showed significant differences (P <0.001), prompted the incidence of gastric cancer of young people not only with family closely related to the genetic background, and the high incidence of gastric cancer in the elderly. In addition, any military gastric pathological study also found that young people gastric There is another feature, that is more than a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, mucinous cell carcinoma and undifferentiated carcinoma.