Keywords: radiation pneumonitis Differential Treatment

        Radiation pneumonitis lung tissue radiation injury change ‘is a relatively common complication after chest malignancies such as lung cancer, mediastinal lymphoma, esophageal cancer and other radiation therapy’, mostly due to high-dose irradiation of large area ‘of the pathological changes early exudative ‘late Fibrosis main. Radiation pneumonitis (eight essential guidelines to improve the quality of sex) treatment medication they use hormone and antibiotic treatment ‘Although certain effect’ hormone therapy lead to tumor recurrence and the occurrence of complications’ so seek good effect, side effects The treatment is more urgent.

        First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hematology and Oncology, the main Ren Gaoping ‘over the years to the Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and treatment of radiation pneumonitis’ efficacy with hormone therapy effects’ and to avoid the occurrence of side effects.

        Gao analysis etiology and pathogenesis of radiation pneumonitis ‘the pulmonary radiation-sensitive organs of one of the’ normal lung tissue in the radiation therapy of the chest can also damage. Radiation directly damage the alveolar epithelial and capillary endothelial cells " pulmonary edema ‘followed by the small blood vessels and bronchial necrosis’ gradual emergence of pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary sclerosing capillary congestion and edema. Chinese medicine believes that heat radiation is a poison killing factor ‘of a toxic heat the evil’ heat of the fire ‘burns the lungs’ Haoshangyinye. Lack of righteousness cancer patients’ phlegm and blood stasis within the knot. Radiotherapy heat evil Shangyin ‘is victorious evil’ hot poison of evil with phlegm and blood of ‘Haoshang Lung-Yin’ burns pulmonary collaterals’ influence lung declared fat Su-down ‘produce cough and shortness of breath, difficulty breathing’ and even cyanosis and other respiratory symptoms. The disease is the vacuity ‘vaginal injury, qi deficiency, blood stasis, heat toxin is its basic pathogenesis’ to take Yin, Qi circulation, detoxification conquer according to the different stages of treatment.

        Gao is based on the performance of the patient’s clinical syndrome differentiation ‘commonly divided into the following three types:

        First, the Yin injury Feizao: more common in 1 to 3 months after radiotherapy ‘performance irritating cough’ chest tightness, sputum or less phlegm ‘sore throat’ dry mouth hi cold ‘upset’ or with fever ‘food is not satisfied incense’ tongue, little coating lack of Tianjin ‘pulse. Governance ‘lungs Sheng Jin Ziyinqingre’ Radix Ophiopogon soup, and Qingzao, to save the Lung Decoction ‘commonly used drugs Radix, ginseng, Pinellia, donkey-hide gelatin, Maren, gypsum, loquat, Zhuru, bamboo the TCS, Anemarrhena, fritillary, Adenophora, Polygonatum, silver Bupleurum, lilies, Bai Wei.

        Lung spleen deficiency and blood stasis: patient prime Spleen ‘combined with radiotherapy damage’ prolonged course ‘cough repeated episodes of’ sputum sticky or thick into blocks’ color white or with gray ‘morning expectoration more’ often accompanied by epigastric The full ‘anorexia Oue’ fatigue lazy to move a number of ‘loose stool’ urine ‘dark purple tongue’ moss greasy or yellow greasy ‘pulse moisten slip or slide fine. Governance spleen to Bufei ‘QHD’ ginger, licorice soup together Erchen flavored ‘drug commonly used optional Ginseng, Astragalus, Poria, orange peel, France Pinellia, Atractylodes, herb, Chuan Park, August bar, red flowers, hematoxylin, pillbugs, exposed hive.

        Third, toxic heat flaming, phlegm Yu lung: vascular permeability after radiotherapy enhanced ‘alveolar interstitial edema’ easy to pulmonary infection ‘leaving toxic heat and Tanhuo, Yu. Symptoms as chills, fever ‘cough phlegm’ sputum the sticky thick or thick yellow ‘slightly unhappy spit’ cough and even chest pain or coughing up blood ‘dry mouth To drink’ red tongue ‘tongue, thin yellow or yellow greasy’ pulse a few slip. Governance in order to detoxify ‘clearing the lungs phlegm’ gold phlegm to clear soup, daughter Weijing Decoction ‘medication often choose Morus alba, skullcap, gardenia, Anemarrhena, Houttuynia, two flowers, forsythia, red rattan, Coix seed, melon seeds, Fritillaria, Trichosanthes, bellflower, reed rhizome, Dendrobium.

        Governance had a more than 60-year-old female patients’ suffering from the right side the ductal adenocarcinoma line after radical ‘radiotherapy 3 months’ appears irritating cough’ heavier ‘sputum’ dry mouth sore throat at night ‘chest pain ‘five upset hot’ irritable ‘the afternoon fever’ body temperature 37.5 ℃ ‘anorexia’ tongue, little coating ‘rapid pulse. Receiving penicillin plus dexamethasone treatment three days’ switch to traditional Chinese medicine treatment for patients with elevated blood sugar. TCM Yin-chun injury ‘the lung to moisturize’ with Radix Ophiopogon Decoction: South littoralis 30g ‘Maidong 15g’ habitat 20g ‘Yuan ginseng 15g’ Polygonatum 15g ‘lily 30g’ Morus alba 15g ‘ credit leaves 20g ‘silver Bupleurum, turtle shell each 10g’ Artemisia annua 30g ‘licorice 6g. A daily 2 times, warm clothes. Medication after 5 days ‘cough alleviate’ Fanre symptoms improved ‘above go Artemisia annua, silver Bupleurum’ plus the blood circulation pillbug, safflower, exposed the hive each 15g ‘to improve the pathological changes after radiotherapy pulmonary fibrosis’ daily a Shuijianbi ‘medication two weeks symptoms gradually ease’ insist on TCM Differential Treatment ‘and after conventional chemotherapy’ is now in stable condition.