Keywords: chronic superficial gastritis

    Chronic superficial gastritis lack of specific symptoms, the severity of symptoms and the severity of the gastric mucosa is not consistent. Most patients are asymptomatic or have varying degrees of indigestion shaped like abdominal pain, loss of appetite, postprandial fullness, acid reflux, and so on. Mucosal erosion of individual patients with abdominal pain is obvious, and may have bleeding.

    Some patients often feel abdominal discomfort, belching, many hospitals and many gastroscopy diagnosed with superficial gastritis, long-term use of a variety of Chinese and Western medicine, there was no significant efficacy, has spent a lot of medical expenses. Similar patients not uncommon. In fact, many people with insomnia, anxiety, irritability, palpitation, hypochondria neuropsychiatric symptoms in these patients, some patients are always concerns that they are suffering from gastric everywhere doctor repeatedly asked to do a gastroscopy. Treatment should advise patients to quit alcohol, avoiding spicy food and overeating, more focused spirit and appease therapy, increase physical labor and exercise, to improve the body’s resistance to disease and immunity, distract the patient’s non-medication, proper application of mood stabilizers and motility drug symptomatic treatment, so that patients can understand and accept your treatment options, and enhance the confidence to overcome the disease, completely eliminates the need for costly long-term medication and frequent endoscopy, adding unnecessary suffering . Individual patients if symptoms persist, gradually re endoscopy should be timely, in order to avoid misdiagnosis of malignant disease.