Keywords: chronic atrophic gastritis

    As early as in 1973, Strickland and other atrophic gastritis serum immunological tests and stomach lesions distribution, will be divided into type A and type B two independent types. Type A atrophic gastritis is mainly found in the gastric body, and more diffuse distribution, normal antral mucosa, serum parietal cell antibodies, increased serum gastrin secretion of gastric acid and intrinsic factor reduction or missing, prone to pernicious anemia, and called autoimmune gastritis. B-type atrophic gastritis is more common in the antrum was multifocal distribution, serum parietal cell antibodies negative, normal serum gastrin, gastric acid secretion in normal or slightly reduced, without pernicious anemia easier concurrent gastric cancer, which is the A simple atrophic gastritis. Since then, Glass will be at the same time involving the gastric antrum atrophic gastritis of the gastric body called type AB.
    In our country, according to Strickland classification, B-type atrophic gastritis is more common type A atrophic gastritis rare, and part of atrophic gastritis patients, both antral gastritis, another parietal cell antibodies, can not be included the two types, so many domestic scholars proposed classification method suited to the specific situation of China, chronic atrophic gastritis is divided into a  1 a  2, B  1 type B  2 type. Typing autoantibodies, serum parietal cell antibodies is a type A is a type B, serum parietal cell antibodies negative. Type A is divided into two subtypes, antral lesions type A  1, had lesions in the antral gastric body for the A  2 type. Type B B  1 is divided according to the severity of gastric body and antrum lesions (antral lesions compared the stomach body weight) and B  2 than antral lesions (gastric body weight or body of stomach antrum lesions similar to those) subtypes.

    In short, the current classification of chronic atrophic gastritis is no fully unified, people’s habits still along the learning Strickland taxonomy is divided into type A and type B chronic atrophic gastritis.