Keywords: chronic gastritis beer

    The cause of chronic gastritis are many and complex. It is noteworthy to drink a lot of beer can cause chronic gastritis, chronic gastritis can be aggravated or cause recurrent disease.

    According to the study, the gastric mucosa major synthesis of a substance called prostaglandin E, prostaglandin E inhibition of gastric acid secretion, protect the gastric mucosa. The lack of prostaglandin E, can cause gastric damage. Drink a certain amount of beer, inhibit or reduce the gastric mucosal synthesis of prostaglandin E. In addition, a large number of patients with chronic gastritis drinking beer, the patient is relatively common feel epigastric fullness, burning sensation increased, frequent belching, loss of appetite; symptoms in patients with atrophic gastritis drink is particularly significant. The gastroscope see increased gastric hyperemia. So, people who suffer from chronic gastritis should not drink a lot of beer, it is best not to imperial use.