Keywords: gastritis reasons
            Is a special type of chronic gastritis disease because bile reflux.

            Normal a “switch", the outlet of the stomach the pyloric sphincter relaxed to allow the stomach chyme through into the duodenum. Pyloric sphincter does not close tightly, duodenum, bile can reflux stomach causing chronic gastritis.

            Bile bile salts may weaken the protection mechanisms of the gastric mucosa, to make the original acid secretion in the stomach cavity Anti diffuse into the gastric mucosa, resulting in damage to the stomach stick film.

            Stimulate gastrin-releasing bile salts in the gastric antrum, gastrin stimulates gastric acid secretion.

            The one hand, increased gastric acid, the other hand, the protective mechanisms of gastric mucosa weaken significantly destroyed, so that the balance between the two, which inevitably produce mucosal inflammation.