Keywords: vein thrombosis

    Q: In May of this year, my father somehow found the left calf coarse than the right calf, swelling, pain, falter. The doctor diagnosed the left iliac vein thrombosis, vein thrombosis, to accept treatment. We do not understand this disease, and would like to ask, in addition to receiving medical treatment, usually should also pay attention to what? – Mr. Xu

    Mr. Hsu:

        May belong to your father’s condition the venous thrombosis acute phase should be noted that the bed rest, Taigaohuanzhi, while avoiding below-knee pillow; prohibited to rub the swollen limb, overcrowding, prevent blood clots off. If your father is a smoker, you should quit smoking because the nicotine in cigarettes have a stimulating role vein contraction will increase venous disorders. The diet should be light, eat more fiber-rich foods, in order to maintain smooth stool. If suffering from hyperlipidemia, diabetes, active treatment of primary disease. If the thrombosis is a recurring problem, to accept medical treatment. Can placement within the inferior vena cava in the abdominal cavity filter to filter the blood to prevent clots off cause pulmonary thromboembolism. Surgical removal may be used or urokinase to dissolve clots.

    After the acute phase, ambulation, and long-term wear medical compression stockings sequential decompression. This stretch socks general elastic stockings, it is designed according to the principles of hemodynamics, pressure can be applied in various parts of the lower limbs: the highest pressure of the foot and ankle, from far to near pressure gradually reduced to promote venous blood The purpose of return and reduce the swelling of the limbs