Keywords: thrombophlebitis

    Western medicine for many years dissolved tied anticoagulation therapy, drugs symptomatic treatment, although these can alleviate some of the symptoms, but to maintain a short time, while others take the surgery, but the surgery could easily cause new thrombosis has been plagued by these problems with difficult to solve.

    Chinese medicine has a good therapeutic effect, modern research shows that circulation Dan family of drugs snow lotus saffron paeonol centipede earth element has dissolved tied to anti-ning, platelet aggregation, lowering fiber, reduce blood viscosity and other effects, so as to achieve the dissolution thrombus formation, enhance venous blood flow velocity, reduce the damage of endothelial cells, the condition have been alleviated and treatment, thereby improving the patients with limb swelling, pain, varicose veins and other compensatory changes, avoid the sequelae caused by venous thrombosis, limb discomfort, edema, skin pigmentation, ulcers at the same time a large extent, to avoid resulting in organs thrombus formation.

    Method: the general taking “Tongmai circulation Dan" circulation Dan “

    Two months of a course of topical ulcers Su Yu oil “when ulcers.

    Special circumstances by experts dialectical theory of governance separate formulations for treatment.