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    Recently, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Health, the global number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease will reach 25 million in 2020, cardiovascular disease will be the number one killer of human health. Prevention of cardiovascular disease on September 29 this year, the theme of World Heart Day, the Ministry of Health, World Health Organization officials, medical experts would like to appeal to all the people from the movement, get rid of bad eating habits and bad habits, adhere to a variety of aerobic exercise Skipping exercise conducted in adolescents, which has a healthy heart, a better life.

    Just feel chest pain on quickly to the hospital

    Professor Hu Dayi, deputy director of the Chinese Society of Cardiology Branch die of cardiovascular disease from this year’s global statistics, 17 million, equivalent to 1/3 of global deaths, of which 80% are located in the development countries, in China the figure is also on the rise. At the same time, because cardiovascular disease mostly occurs in middle age, some patients always feel yourself in good health, a bit uncomfortable thought that did not matter. In fact, time is life. Felt wrong we should immediately go to the hospital, as long as the feel chest pain on the hospital!

    Professor Hu to produce a data: global smokers 1200000000 1000000000 overweight or obese, sedentary lifestyle movement by hundreds of millions of dollars. He believes that more than three and diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, atherosclerosis risk factors together constitute the final result is likely to be heart failure that death.

    Incidence in middle-aged but prevention from childhood

    World Heart Day, the Ministry of Health issued a written proposal, calling for “all the people insist on walking, jogging, swimming, dance fitness dance exercise endurance, aerobic exercise, exercise for 30 minutes a day, weekly exercise at least 5 days, should at least do try to climb the stairs not the elevator car less, walk more. “Professor Hu also specifically pointed out that smoking is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

    Chronic disease of the Disease Control Department of the Ministry of Health Deputy Director Zhang Yaohua, cardiovascular disease occurs mostly in middle age, but the disease is bad habits from a young age gradually formed from the teenagers grabbed control of risk factors. Youth obesity, smoking a few Although China and other countries, or coronary heart disease compared to the low-incidence areas, but if left unchecked, is likely to unhealthy habits to pay the price.

    Professor Hu Dayi, a good way for teenagers fitness. He called young people to carry out the jump rope because tackle obesity prevention dyslipidemia, hypertension is the most practicable way, is a good aerobic exercise endurance sports.