Keywords: coronary heart disease

        1, high blood pressure

    Any hypertension severe illness or longer course will likely be complicated by the varying severity of coronary artery disease. Why is this? Original, long-term hypertension intravascular pressure continued to increase, a significant increase in the impact of blood on the wall, and the results of the blood vessel wall mechanical injury occurs; intimal injury, cholesterol, triglycerides, easily penetrate the vessel wall, and microthrombi deposition formed where these microthrombi continue to attract blood lipids, increased deposition. Hypertension, vascular long spasticity wall malnutrition, also easy to cause cholesterol and other lipid calm.

    It should also be noted that the elderly hypertensive patients especially prone to atherosclerosis, its reasons in addition to the above, many elderly people have a metabolic disorder of the artery walls mucopolysaccharide lipid easier calm in the arterial wall, thus speeding up the artery hardening process.

    2, high blood cholesterol

    We all know that coronary heart disease is a multifactorial disease, one of the most important hyperlipidemia, lipids were also at a high level for a long time, the body’s regulation of blood lipids disorder If nervous, intense mood fluctuations in the case of high blood pressure and smoking too much can lead to arterial intimal injury, so that did not penetrate the composition of the blood within the arterial wall infiltration into the arterial wall, and gradually piled up there, the formation of tiny blood clots lumen gradually narrowed, blocked blood flow, and decreased elasticity of the arterial wall, hard texture formation of atherosclerosis.

    3 Diabetes

    Reason why diabetic patients susceptible to coronary heart disease, mainly due to lipid metabolism disorders, and a huge loss due to inadequate secretion of insulin, glucose as a source of energy, the human body by the decomposition of the fat supply of energy, so a lot of triglycerides, cholesterol and free fatty acids into the blood atherosclerosis and diabetic microangiopathy conditions, promote the occurrence and development of coronary heart disease.

    4, obesity

    “Money can not buy old thin", “go more than several kilograms of meat and more long years life," this is the mantra of many people, which means that to a certain age, to maintain proper posture and body weight, helps to reduce disease . Indeed, a higher incidence of coronary heart disease in obese, in particular, is a higher incidence of short-term weight gain or extreme obesity. Foreign scholars’ research shows that, with the weight gain coronary insufficiency, myocardial infarction also increased.

    Why obese people susceptible to coronary heart disease, it? This is because of excessive weight gain, heart burden, and a rise in blood pressure, due to excessive consumption of high-calorie foods, elevated blood lipids, coronary atherosclerosis and aggravated obesity reduced physical activity and prevent coronary atherosclerosis lesion formation of collateral circulation. Weight loss can reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other risk factors, and also reduce the burden on the heart. Therefore, in order to prevent coronary heart disease, should adhere to exercise, pay attention to the prevention of obesity.

    5 Smoking

    Cigarette smoke contains more than 3000 kinds of harmful substances, of which the most harmful coal tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. Binding capacity of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin than oxygen and hemoglobin binding force of approximately 250 times more carbon monoxide into the blood after smoking the first to combine with hemoglobin, resulting in significantly reduced blood oxygen carboxyhemoglobin edema can cause the lining of the arteries, impeding blood circulation, On this basis, easy on cholesterol deposition, platelet adhesion easy, which laid the foundation for atherosclerosis. The number of people to quit smoking with coronary heart disease, angina occurs significantly reduced. Therefore, quitting smoking has a positive role in the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease.

    6, cold stimulation

    The survey data show that in the cold regions of northern China, the incidence of coronary heart disease was significantly higher than the South. Low stimulation superficial vascular spasm caused the contraction of the arteries, diastolic function disorder occurs, and the blood flow velocity slows down and can not complete the normal cycle functions, in order to function compensation, the heart must be strengthened in order to maintain a normal blood flow velocity, thereby increasing the The burden on the heart. When cold stimulation of the heart burden can lead to myocardial ischemia, hypoxia, ranging from angina, while leading to myocardial infarction.

    7, negative emotions

    Emotions often contact with the person’s character together. We often heard that the A-type personality person susceptible to coronary heart disease, what type A personality? Type A personality is actually what we usually say, “impatient", this character who highly Victory heart, impatience and lack of patience, everything hurried, more onerous task to be completed in a short period of time, more than all day busy, often feel time not enough, a rare quiet rest for a while, not the patience to listen to other people’s speech, irritability, running out of patience, and after that she felt regret. Why impatient people susceptible to coronary heart disease? Tension can increase the body’s secretion of adrenaline, epinephrine, an important hormone in the human body, make the mental system stimulant, these hormones increase vasoconstriction, thrombocytosis. Blood clotting time thus causing atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Therefore, we must learn self-control, emotional stability, and a positive attitude to face life’s setbacks and failures. Prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease is very important.

    8, Genetic factors

    In your daily life may have noticed that familial incidence of coronary heart disease, coronary heart disease and genetic factors related. Coronary heart disease based on coronary atherosclerosis, atherosclerosis and endocrine dysfunction, improper diet and familial factors. American scholars found: about 1 in every 500 people, the artery stems of inherited genetic defect.

    9, gender

    The incidence of coronary heart disease in men was significantly higher than that of women. What is the reason for it? Originally played a very important role in estrogen, estrogen effects on blood lipids inhibit atherosclerosis, thereby reducing the incidence of women with coronary heart. Women after menopause due to estrogen secretion reduce, this protective effect was significantly weakened, a rapid increase in the incidence of coronary heart disease. In this sense, the women after the menopause period under the guidance of a doctor should be increased appropriately estrogen in order to achieve the purpose of the prevention of coronary heart disease.

    In addition, the male which interpersonal relationships are more complex and more tense, the spirit is also a factor –

    10 diet

    In the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia is one of the important reasons, hyperlipidemia close relationship with diet. Cholesterol and triglycerides are two of the most clinically significant blood lipids cardiovascular disease. They are a source of food intake and body synthesis for a real treat, and often lavish meals, excessive intake of animal fat, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood will be higher. Under normal circumstances, the main physiological function of the carbohydrate foods is to provide heat for the body, but the ingested excess unconsumed portion liver conversion to fat stored in the body. Therefore, people often over-eating restraint susceptible to coronary heart disease.