Keywords: prevention of coronary heart disease folic acid

    The study showed that at least 250 kinds of risk factors related to coronary heart disease.

    These risk factors can affect the body of one or several pathophysiological mechanisms, thus contributing to the occurrence of coronary heart disease.

    One person at the same time there are several risk factors for its occurrence will greatly increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

    Recognized by the medical profession of coronary heart disease independent risk factors for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, obesity and coronary heart disease positive family history.

    In recent years, found that elevated homocysteine ​​in the body is also another new important independent risk factors of coronary heart disease.

    In clinical practice, about less than half of patients with coronary artery disease and not an independent risk factor for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, smoking and other traditional, these people also undergone a coronary heart disease.

    Nearly 10 years of research found, is another risk factor for mischief – increased plasma homocysteine.

    Higher plasma homocysteine ​​levels, the higher coronary heart disease morbidity and mortality, especially in younger patients.

    Male population in total plasma homocysteine ​​level is increased by 5 mmol / liter, a 60% increase in the risk of coronary heart disease for women increased by 80%.

    Light to moderate homocysteine ​​levels can be 4-6 times increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease death.

    The way to deal with this risk factor is both simple and very effective, but unfortunately did not attract the majority of doctors and patients attach importance.

    This approach is appropriate to add folic acid and vitamin B6 (or / and vitamin B12).

    The United States was in 1998, in the flour and other food plus folic acid, an important measure for the prevention of cardiovascular disease as a public.

    Ordinary people daily supplement of 0.5 to 5.0 milligrams of folic acid, 2.5 to 10 mg daily supplement of myocardial infarction patients and a half months after the homocysteine ​​levels in the blood can be decreased by 20% to 50%, the effect is determined.

    Therefore, for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, the recommended daily serving Dayton 5 to 10 mg of folic acid and vitamin B610 mg.

    In case of feast may be appropriate to increase the amount.

    People who have been suffering from coronary heart disease, daily folic acid 10 to 30 mg + Vitamin B610 ~ 30 mg, reduced to the amount of ordinary prevention after a half months to January.