Keywords: myocardial infarction symptoms

        Elderly, especially coronary heart disease, sudden severe chest pain, a sense of suffocation, palpitation, cold sweats, difficulty breathing, pulse irregular, and this duration of pain can not be relieved, there is no effect of sublingual nitroglycerin, you should consider MI some patients with stomach pain should be highly vigilant in order to avoid misdiagnosis.

        Once it is suspected that patients with myocardial infarction may, should immediately place the treatment, the family is not to panic, to stabilize the patient’s mood, he (she) quiet rest, not too much moving. If the conditional oxygen, immediately taking thrombolytic drugs sublingual nitroglycerin Tongxinluo capsules JiuXinWan etc.. As conditions allow, with a fully equipped ambulances rushed to the hospital for intravenous thrombolytic medications may have life-saving. MI rehabilitation period is not strenuous activities, pay attention to maintaining smooth stool, adhere to medication by your doctor.