Keywords: coronary heart disease

    Patients with coronary heart disease, and at any time of angina or myocardial infarction, and these critical symptoms occur, in addition to the the cardiac lesions Xinmaitong stasis, the external environment affect the occurrence of this disease also plays an important role, then exactly what predisposing factors?

    (1) the impact of emotional factors: joy, anger, fear, anxiety, grief, fear, surprise impassioned use, can cause the onset, but mainly because angry angry or Concerned angry. Neijing says: “Anger on the gas, thinking gas knot", the relationship between the gas and blood are use. Because of gas as the commander of blood, blood gas mother, gas line blood line, qi stagnation and blood stasis, especially in patients suffering from heart vessel stasis air – against the chaos of Concerned angry angry angry, gas machine Yu lag, so the formation of blood poor through the line. The If there Xinmaitong Stasis barrier, the occurrence Curan heartache. In severe cases, myocardial infarction systolic Blockage barrier, even life-threatening. Therefore, in patients with coronary heart disease, broad minded, failing to anger, usually maintain and Wyatt’s state of mind, to recover very beneficial to the disease.

    (2) Laojuan hurt gas: “Su asked · riddled Primordial articles" cloud “of workers is gas consumption, overwork increased cardiac load, over-exerting consumption vitality yuan Qi is the heart qi from virtual heart Qi is push the blood running weakness, especially nutrition heart of decent support other context has stasis cloud block, poor blood through the line, the gas consumption, the inability of the heart qi promote blood through the line, falling into blood Blockage barrier, Curan heartache .

    (3) cold evil onslaught: life between heaven and earth, the natural climate change is closely related to the human body, such as the outside temperature changes will inevitably affect the human body. Blood in the body through the line is hot, smooth, cold stagnate and thus cold pathogen invasion of the body, will certainly affect the meridians blood running. Wang Shu and said: “Pulse," “Jue heartache, is the chill off Envelope also." Cold causing meridians contracture constraints acute blood through the line of poor nutrition heart meridians stasis of the lesion, and therefore occurrence of heartache.

    (4) the hungry eat faulty: “Neijing," says: “eating times and gastrointestinal injury." So, eating hungry eat faulty damage the spleen and stomach, spleen deficiency sub-Pirates of the parent gas may cause heart qi deficiency, Heart Qi is to promote the adverse blood through the line, and to induce the disease. “Su Wen-ping who meteorological theory" Cloud: “Dubbed the virtual stomach large network, for LIMA under its action should clothing veins cases of gas also." So the stomach qi hurt clock gas were damaged. The so-called “pulse cases of gas" actually refers to the heart qi, heart qi, promote blood run weakness, especially affecting the context of nutrition heart blood stasis barrier, pawn hair heartache.

    Accordingly, in patients with coronary heart disease, should make every effort to avoid aggravating factors, preventive measures, is the best policy.