Keywords: coronary heart disease

    Developed countries, coronary heart disease accounted for the various diseases mortality in the first, endangering people’s health in our country is also one of the common diseases. Therefore, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease has become the medical problems that need to be solved. Large-scale population-based surveys show that the incidence of coronary heart disease with nutritional imbalance, therefore, reasonable deployment of the meals is an important measure of prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease. So, what constitutes a reasonable diet for people with coronary heart disease? Deployment of the diet should pay attention to what the problem?
    (1) should control the total calories. Maintain the heat balance and prevent obesity, the body weight to achieve and maintain ideal range. Obese people with coronary heart disease than those of normal weight and more. Therefore, weight control is an important part to prevent coronary heart disease.
    (2) control fat and cholesterol intake. With the improvement of living standards of the people, the food containing saturated fatty acids, such as increased intake of meat, eggs, dairy products and other saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, excessive intake of dietary factors lead to high cholesterol, high blood cholesterol and coronary heart disease one of the major incentives. It should control the fat intake, the fat intake of total calories 20% to 25% or less of the total, of which not more than 1/3 of the appropriate animal fat, and cholesterol intake should be controlled below 300 mg per day.
    (3) the quality and quantity of the protein should be suitable. Should be appropriate to increase the vegetable protein, especially soy protein 12% of the total energy, the quality which accounted for 40% to 50% protein, quality protein, animal protein and soy protein each half.
    (4) the use of complex carbohydrates, control the intake of monosaccharides and disaccharides. Fat calories should be a corresponding reduction in the total caloric ratio, in order to increase the complex carbohydrates should be mainly rice, flour, grains and other foods, try to eat pure sugar foods and their products.
    (5) eat more vegetables and fruits. For vegetables, fruit is a major source of vitamins, calcium, potassium, fiber and plastic. Dietary fiber and pectin difficult to reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol.
    (6) Shaoliangduocan. Avoid greasy and salty food to overeat, fullness, not eaten daily salt intake should be controlled at 3-5 grams.