Keywords: negative psychological coronary heart disease

    Do negative emotions does not matter, but it will be fatal. Recently, the health department announced the results of a survey of 200 46-55 year-old middle-aged, a year-long study showed that the negative psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and resentment, both will have heart damage , in particular, can cause coronary heart disease.
    The survey tested psychological elements including depressive mood, anxiety, pessimism, cranky, and attention is not focused, results show that these factors every increase of 1, the risk of heart disease increased by five percentage points.
    Medical expert analysis, those people with negative emotions, found a higher the inflammatory protein content, this continuous inflammatory condition involving the entire cardiac system lead to coronary heart disease.
    Regular fluctuations in the heart rate can be based on changes in the outside world was introduced Oriental Hospital Dean Zhongmin, those with negative emotions will make the heart of this law change reduction, which put pressure on the heart system.
    Special ages is a human life of 46-55 years old, in the person of this age, mental and economic burdens are heavy, healthy long-term “overdraft" state, coupled with the negative emotions, the very cause cardiovascular system diseases, especially coronary heart disease.
    To this end, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular experts have warned that people should actively regulate their emotions, especially those middle-aged man with negative emotions for a long time, should learn to regulate emotions.