Keywords: coronary heart disease

    A lot of people with coronary heart disease that ginseng can improve heart function, so buy expensive ginseng at all costs taking. In fact, this do more harm than good to the patient’s condition.
    Coronary heart disease is common in the elderly, the major pathological changes in cholesterol and other lipid deposition in the coronary artery wall, causing stenosis, thrombosis or occlusion and life-threatening. Adjust lipid metabolism that promote lipolysis, is one of the important measures for the treatment of atherosclerosis. The researchers found that ginseng contains anti lipolysis substances, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of atherosclerosis. American scholars found that ginseng contains anti-lipolysis substance is a peptide, a protein characteristics ginseng aspartic acid, arginine and other amino acids also have anti-lipolysis characteristics. The experimental study also shows that ginseng contains anti lipolysis substances can inhibit the catabolism of fat in the body, and if long-term use of ginseng, causes the artery wall lipids increased, aggravating the extent of atherosclerosis.
    Therefore, hypertension, atherosclerosis, especially coronary heart disease should not take ginseng.