Keywords: ischemic heart disease, coronary heart disease

    World Health Organization: ischemic heart disease, myocardial damage caused by imbalance between coronary blood flow and myocardial demand due to changes in the coronary circulation. One of the most common causes of coronary atherosclerosis caused by coronary artery stenosis and occlusion, accounting for about 90% of ischemic heart disease, ischemic heart disease, coronary heart disease belongs to people used to ischemic heart disease as synonymous with coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, this is not right. Because Broadly speaking, ischemic heart disease, including coronary artery disease other than coronary atherosclerosis.
    (1) coronary embolism: cancer, calcium and plaque debris, bacterial endocarditis vegetation, and a heart chamber enclosing mural thrombus falling debris can be embolism in the coronary arteries;
    (2) dissection: performance is limited to coronary artery dissection, or by the aortic dissection extending into the coronary artery openings;
    (3) coronary and inflammation: multiple arteritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis and other connective tissue diseases, and viral infections can infringe coronary artery;
    (4) syphilitic aortitis involving the coronary artery;
    (5) metabolic diseases such as diabetes and amyloidosis can affect small coronary arteries;
    (6) congenital coronary artery anomalies;
    (7) trauma. Therefore, the equivalent to coronary heart disease is wrong with ischemic heart disease.
    Accurately, coronary heart disease is an important type of ischemic heart disease. And should also be clear that aortic stenosis or regurgitation affect the case of non-coronary hemodynamic changes caused ischemic coronary perfusion and severe anemia insufficient blood oxygen carrying capacity, in accordance with the concept of the World Health Organization does not belong to ischemia the areas of heart disease.