Keywords: indoor air pollution, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

    A few days ago, who lives in the south of the city, a district of Ms. Chen to China Indoor Environment Monitoring Center reflect: a rainy day in the evening, she lived in a newly renovated room, usually in good health, she felt chest tightness, shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, blood pressure. The experts detected: formaldehyde and benzene in indoor air are exceeded due to the national standard.

    “Beijing Daily" reported that, recently, the center has received a large number of telephone complaints, reflecting the indoor unpleasant odor, glare. Meanwhile, in the capital of the hospital emergency room, the emergency center, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is also a significant increase in all residence: Beijing People’s Hospital emergency room beds, of which nearly half of the patients are patients of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease outbreaks; Peking University Hospital emergency room from the end of June, every day more than 20 received treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, the youngest only 37 years old.

    Song Guangsheng, director of the China Indoor Environment Monitoring Center, indoor environmental pollution is a cause of pathogenic. He said the high summer temperatures, many families widespread use of air conditioning, the room is closed and strict humidity, benzene, formaldehyde and other toxic gas emissions caused by the interior architecture, decoration and furniture. In addition, air pollution can cause high blood pressure.

    How can we reduce this harm? Song Guangsheng said, the first from the source to start using environmentally friendly water-based solvent in the decoration. Secondly, some of the family has been renovated to a day more ventilation, especially the use of air conditioning, a newly renovated room and placement of new furniture; Third, the newly renovated rooms best to escape the summer release of harmful gases period and then stay, the elderly, children and physique weak people to minimize the time indoors.