Keywords: Chinese medicine coronary heart disease etiology and pathogenesis

    Chinese medicine believes that coronary heart disease belongs to the heart of the context of the heart and Nutrition, its causes are many, and close relationship with the entire body changes. The main aspects of righteousness deficiency old and feeble, the function of organs injury, yin and yang, blood disorders, together with the impassioned internal injuries, improper diet, cold stimulation, maladjustment degree factors, leading to qi stagnation, chest Yang appetite, phlegm endogenous, systolic Blockage and disease. Dysfunction of the blood of the organs and meridians, the body balance of Yin Pingyang secret is destroyed, the underlying reasons for the onset of. Internal factors is the basis of the disease and external causes of morbidity conditions.

    The elderly over the age of 40 dirty gas imaginary, especially kidney is more obvious. Such as “Su asked Elder naive theory," said: “Women … fifty-seven Yangming pulse decay, surface beginning haggard hair start falling …… husband …… fifty-eight kidney decline, hair falling teeth rotten …" The organs function 虚损 lead to the occurrence of this disease mainly yang. “Golden" Cloud: “Yang micro-yin string, ie thoracic obstruction and pain Why they are responsible for its extremely imaginary also." Medical door legal “added:" Chest total yang so the shade was multiplied by the. “This shows a lack of chest yang, Yinxie bit superior male, between the stroke end, the plight of the disease of the thoracic obstruction.

    Cover the birth of the kidney, kidney yang deficiency is not encouraged it dirty yang, such as stomach losing its warmth and transport and incompetence caused by camp blood veins Road, not filling, heart failure Ruyang. Heart blood, blood running power, heart qi deficiency, agitation, weakness qi stagnation, it appears chest tightness, heartburn and other evidence. As “Su Wen Bi theory," said: “heart paralysis, pulse unreasonable." Spleen acquired the main transport, such as the food paste Liang Atsumi, damage the spleen and stomach so transportation of disorders, the metamict phlegm fat liquid blood run blocked, resulting in angry hemagglutination and chest pain. Furthermore, the main pulmonary gas Secretary breathe, the main Gansu drop. Lung qi or Su-down disorders, which affect the heart of the context of nutrition qi stagnation caused the blood stasis, the disease occurs. Rage and anger, catharsis liver failure, liver qi stagnation, also induced angina. Mental factors, impassioned internal injuries caused by poor qi, because gas is the commander of blood, qi stagnation and blood stasis, resulting in systolic Blockage. “Lingshu mouth to ask the chapter," said: “Worrisome heart emergency, be mindful of acute airway about about the adverse climate invasion of pathogenic cold, such as" Su asked to cite pain theory “:" meridians popular than circumferential endlessly. chill invasion protracted late, sobbing but not off the blood in the veins, less off veins in the gas barrier, so the soldier However pain. “to treat patients on And he said: “chill off in the internal organs, virtual and hair on the red chest, compared with thoracic obstruction." pathogenic cold customer is in the bit of chest yang heartache carry.

    All in all, Coronary heart disease is the vacuity of the card. In the disease process, the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney five internal organs wasting disease of the; qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm, chill the standard of the disease. The standard real The virtual characteristics of coronary heart disease.