Keywords: Chinese medicine

    Life activities of the human body by heart kept beating to blood and oxygen supply to the heartbeat once stopped, it means that the end of life. Neijing the heart of the monarch official records of the internal organs of the Lord “, the heart of great significance in the activities of human life.

    Chinese medicine believes that the heart is kept beating by Heart yang “function. So, the “Su Wen the · six viscera ‘, said:" The heart is the sun in the sun through the summer air. “Su asked · Synopsis of true speech said:" yang yang heart. “The mind is a fire. “"Su asked the yin and yang as big," said: “The heart is the fire dirty". The so-called “summer gas", “Sun", “yang yang" refers to the heart, there is a yang hot gas, equivalent to “heat", so the ancients used to “fire" to describe it, this has fiery nature yang, often to maintain a certain amount to maintain physiological functions such as blood circulation, stomach transport and renal water is very inviting, can not do without this yang. Yang is the driving force behind the activities of human life.