Keywords: angina pectoris

    The most commonly used method is taking nitroglycerin tablets. Other drugs as well as beta-blockers such as propranolol, calcium antagonists such as nifedipine, sulfur and nitrogen trazodone. The following highlights the role and use of nitroglycerin.

    (A) nitroglycerin

    Principle of nitroglycerin for the clinical treatment of angina has been a century of history, nitroglycerin can dilate the coronary arteries and veins, alleviate the cause of angina, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, increased myocardial blood supply, so as to achieve the analgesic effect .

    Taking nitroglycerin tablets, medication well, otherwise not achieve the desired effect. You must pay attention to the following points.

    1 should sublingual Do not swallow the sublingual capillaries is very rich, the drug is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, 1? 2 minutes analgesic effect occurred. Swallow slowly absorbed, poor results.

    Sitting or semirecumbent posture medication nitroglycerin expansion of the role of cerebrovascular Obviously, medication immediately after flushing, headache, standing orthostatic hypotension easily happen wrong Jue. Elderly patients or patients first medication, sitting medication dizziness, headache feeling supine rest or symptomatic treatment soon return to normal, no big prejudice. With the extension of the time for medication, and this effect is gradually reduced or even disappear.

    3 to select the best dose to start taking nitroglycerin films, the dose should not be too large, otherwise it will cause side effects. Each serving contains half a slice or a (0.15? 0.30 mg general) as well. What clothes much dose, depending on the illness, it is best to find a suitable both to achieve efficacy of each patient, and the side effects of small doses. If the dose is increased to bear fruit, the short term and even served 3? 5, the condition changes, the need for timely treatment.

    4 the nitroglycerin dosage form select nitroglycerin medicines can be divided into a fast-acting, long-acting and long-acting formulations. When angina attack, first aid is generally used in fast-acting, such as nitroglycerin tablets. If the angina is a recurring problem, while taking in the attack in the long-acting formulations, in order to prevent another attack. Used in long-acting medicines isosorbide dinitrate, long-acting nitroglycerin, general medicine performance last the 4? Eight hours.

    5 nitroglycerin tablets in combination with other drugs angina associated with fast heart rate, the same clothes propranolol; angina and high blood pressure, the same clothes nifedipine. Nitroglycerin with verapamil given Diltiazem combined to enhance the efficacy of mutual restraint side effects.

    6 nitroglycerin tablets angina patients can predict a certain force or activities, including nitroglycerin in the force before the first prophylactic use. For example, after a meal, stool prone to angina, can be meals and the stool before first port containing nitroglycerin to stop the attack.

    7 Note should put this drug in order to maintain the efficacy of nitroglycerin tablets, closed dark colored bottle, and pay attention to the expiration date of the drug, the timely replacement of close to the expiration date of the pills. History of angina patients or the elderly, drug should carry on get convenient first aid box.

    The nitroglycerin existing film agent and oral sprays. Foil agent topical at the left front of the chest, the drug percutaneously absorbed evenly, and continuing to play the role of anti-angina within 24 hours. Oral spray due to the amount of small absorption faster, fewer side effects and welcomed by patients. These two formulations are more expensive, is not conducive to promoting the use of.

    (B) other drugs

    Varieties of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of angina pectoris, some drug efficacy is very exact, has played a good role in the treatment.

    Chinese medicine preparations 1 JiuXinWan angina attack, taking 10? 15 within minutes of the results, this drug can also be long-term use daily? 3 times, each 5? 10, prevention of angina pectoris. JiuXinWan especially available in not suitable for the application of nitroglycerin angina patients.

    Verapamil on the spontaneous angina role is good.

    3 Other Guanxinsuhe pills, compound Danshen tablets, heart and brain spironolactone drugs long-term use, can play the role of the coronary circulation Shutong generally chosen according to their own conditions 1,2.