A.Cerebral artery stenosis

Cerebral artery atherosclerosis due to occur in the elderly, is cerebral ischemia, an important factor for cerebral infarction. Severe stenosis of the carotid in the neck in the past only through surgery, often no effective treatment for intracranial arterial stenosis. Neurosurgery, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, minimally invasive intravascular stent, not only to treat the neck artery stenosis, also treatable part of the intracranial artery stenosis. Now successfully treated more than 20 cases of such patients, the leading domestic level.

II. Intracranial dural venous sinus thrombosis embolism

Intracranial dural venous sinus thrombosis, such as the sagittal sinus, transverse sinus thrombosis, mostly occurs in young women, a serious condition, the mortality rate is high, and rely mainly on drugs thrombolytic therapy, but the result is not satisfactory. Now Xuanwu Hospital neurosurgery by the method of endovascular treatment has successfully cured many cases of such patients.

III. Spinal vascular malformations

Spinal vascular malformations of congenital disorders, major hazards adolescents may be due to increased intramedullary pressure, ischemic or hemorrhagic lead to serious consequences such as limb paralysis, is recognized as a medical problem. With the development of medical technology, increased diagnosis rate of such patients, but the treatment is extremely difficult. World-renowned neurosurgeons – Professor Ling Feng, the first to carry out the study and treatment of the disease by endovascular treatment and surgical treatment, has successfully treated more than 300 cases in the world leading level.