Keywords: coronary heart disease

    Coronary heart disease should eat more apples, because:

    Eat apples can decrease in blood cholesterol. Apple cholesterol decreased mechanism:

    1) Apple itself does not contain cholesterol;

    2) to promote cholesterol from bile discharge;

    3) Apple contains a lot of pectin, pectin can prevent intestinal reabsorption of bile acids excreted, thus weakening the enterohepatic circulation of cholesterol excretion increased;

    4) Apple in the intestine, the decomposition of acetic acid, acetic acid conducive to the metabolism of cholesterol. In addition, Apple also contain vitamin C, fructose and trace elements such as magnesium, they are conducive to cholesterol metabolism. Therefore, coronary heart disease should eat more apples.

    Eat apples still capable of lowering blood pressure, and to the benefit of coronary heart disease. Hirosaki University, Japan Professor Sasaki bright, pointed out that after the investigation of the rice-producing areas, and apple-producing areas of tens of thousands of people, people eat more than three apples, blood pressure can be maintained at a low level.